Professor Polack
Professor Polack, a distinguished computer science professor at the University of Mary Washington, possesses a deep curiosity for global exploration. Driven by a desire to broaden her understanding of different cultures and technological landscapes, she aspires to study abroad in countries across the world. Professor Polack's ambition to study abroad exemplifies her commitment to enriching both his own academic perspectives and the field of computer science as a whole.
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Iceland, where we spent weeks exploring the stunning landscapes of this Nordic island. One of the highlights of the trip was driving around the famous ring road, a 1,332-kilometer highway that circles the entire country. Along the way, we marveled at cascading waterfalls, rugged coastlines, and towering glaciers. We had the chance to immerse yourself in Icelandic culture, sampling traditional cuisine and learning about the country's history and geology. This unforgettable journey through Iceland's dramatic beauty left a lasting impression all of us.
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After leading a study abroad trip to Brazil and Argentina, where the students explored the wonders of the Amazon Rainforest, embarked on a captivating river cruise along the Amazon, and marveled at the breathtaking Iguazu Falls from both sides of the border, Professor Polack decided to create a photo book. With meticulous attention to detail, he curated a collection of photographs capturing the vibrant landscapes, fascinating wildlife, and joyous moments of the trip. I aimed to provide a visual narrative that would forever remind the students of their remarkable journey.

Story Map of Iceland

One of my goals in college is to go study abroad, and in my senior year, I accomplished that goal. However, i didn’t think I would twice in one year. I had the opportunity to go to Melbourne, Australia, during my winter break, and now I’m going to Iceland for my spring break. Australia has always been on my travel bucket list but not Iceland. The thought of going to Iceland never came across my mind to visit. Now that I’m going to Iceland for digital storytelling, I’m quite excited to see the land of fire and ice.

I am most excited to visit Iceland and swim in the geothermal pools. We are going to the Sky Lagoon and Myvatn natural baths. Going to a hot spring has always been on my bucket list, and I’m looking forward to relaxing in one. It’s too bad they don’t offer massages.

Another thing that I really want to see is the northern lights. Of course, you can’t leave Iceland without seeing the northern lights. I would love to get a short video of the lights and good pictures. I feel like it would be a magical experience to see it, especially during winter in Iceland. i know i would be staying up late a couple of times just to see the northern lights. Did you know you can see the southern lights in Melbourne during the winter?

lastly, I’m looking forward to going glacier hiking. Before this class, I never heard of glacier hiking. The thought of having pick axes to use in case you slip was a bit scary and daunting at first but after some thinking i got over it. As a blind person, it would definitely get out of my comfort zone and limits. it would be worth it in the end when I get to see ice caves and the knowledge that went through all of that as a blind individual. Also, as someone who doesn’t like to hike either. I know I’m definitely getting a nice deep tissue massage after all of that hiking when i come back.

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